Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Brunch Bag Co

Hi all...welcome to my blog. This is my very first entry and I will make a short intro about me and my so called I-wanna-have-my-own-food-business dream.

I always want to have a restaurant of Cafe, but never have enough money to do so. I am currently working in Sidoarjo, just outside Surabaya, the second largest city in Indonesia after Jakarta. No good food around my office and lunch time becomes nightmare for me, coz I can't keep calling fast food vendors or keep hopping from one warung (small food stall) to another just to find decent food. And I am too lazy to wake up earlier in the morning just to cook for my own lunch box...

There...frustration of lunch time and my strong passion of food...I decided to make The Brunch (it's short form of BRown lUNCH) bag Co. To those who share the same boat with me...stranded in an office with no decent food around you, just call me coz I have LOTS of home made food options that will be delivered to your door step!

We served fresh food, great taste, and of course...with affordable price!

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