Saturday, June 19, 2010

Sex on the Beach

It was a weird night, happened few years back when I was studying in Singapore. We were so bored that night, so me and a friend of mine, we decided to go out and had dinner together.

We went to grab our dinner, went for a walk and again...we became so bored after some time. He suggested that we should go to a club that we've never visited somewhere in Clarke Quay, nothing better to do...I agreed.

So this friend of mine...let's just say he's too picky about music, the plan was to stay there, chill out, few drinks and dance all night, but since the DJ wasn't that accommodating to my friend's taste, he dragged me out from the club and there...that's how out so called bar/club-hopping experience began.

We went around the complex and visited different clubs and bars, and either the music was not that good for him, or I-don't-like-the-ambiance comment from my side that made us keep going. And before we know it...We are stranded in Boat Quay.

He wanted to show me the ICE Bar, the "coolest" bar in Singapore, but it was like almost 4AM and the bar was closed. Only a few were still open so we went to one of the closest ones, tired!

I forgot the name of that place, there were not a lot of people inside, about four groups of people and most of them are Chinese. We mingle around and danced for a while, and there was this Chinese girl, half way to super drunk approaching us, she sandwiched herself in between me and my friend, then after some time...she shooed my friend away...kept on dancing and dancing till we got tired.

Her group invited us over for a drink. Well...I am not that familiar with alcoholic drinks, my knowledge of drinks is very limited. What they offered us was nice...I didn't know what it was...but I liked it.

Finished with the drinks, the Chinese girl asked me to dance with her again, her friends looked at me in pity when she kept asking me even when I said no. I kinda sense something wrong...but I could not tell what...she kept on mumbling some Chinese words...

Finally...I agreed on one last dance, her group tried to safe me by asking her to go back with them. She didn't listen to them, clinging to me and whispered to my ear that she really liked me. My face turn blue and I give the silent "SAFE-ME-FROM-THE-LESBIAN" look to my friends, ARRRRRGGGGHHH...

So much for a friend, what he did was giggling all the way and gave me the woo-hoo sign. I felt like killing him that night.

After that incident we sat down at the bar, ordered some more drink.

Me: "Hey, you know the name of the drinks we just had with that group just now?"
My friend: " mean the one your girlfriend just treated us?"
Me: "Whatever man..."
My Friend: "Haha...can't help it, was quiet a scene there! but seriously, I don't know why don't we ask the bartender?"

We asked the bartender, and his answer was "Oh...that pink one? It's sex on the beach"

We just nodded and then...funny thought came across my mind, and I told my friend..."Do you think it's too much if I tell everybody I just had a sex on the beach with a Chinese lesbian tonight?"

He almost fell out of his chair laughing his A** off and said, "Oh my just did!"

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